With over 95 years in the business, Protectoseal is the industry-leading manufacturer of high-quality safety products.

Their vapor and flame control technologies are deployed to ensure protection in some of the most stringent industrial applications found throughout the world. Every day, on every continent, our dependable line of products prevents volatile emissions from escaping and damaging the environment while guarding facilities and employees against dangerous flame and explosive events.

Protectoseal is the industry-leading manufacturer of environmentally sensitive safety products. Since its founding in 1925, the company’s dedication to innovation and commitment to safety is and will continue to be our driving force into the future.

Public awareness of environmental issues and the development and enforcement of “clean air” regulations fueled rapid growth of the company. In recent years, Protectoseal has taken a strong leadership role in promoting the safe operation of vapor recovery systems. Active participation in the drafting of international, industry-wide regulations, focused research and testing and the development and marketing of products such as detonation flame arresters and tank blanketing valves were all aimed at solving customers’ tank safety problems.

Protectoseal remains committed to on-going product innovation and outstanding customer service. Consider our design for safety fuel caps for large spark ignition engines, products that were specifically designed to meet stringent new environment requirements, while providing an industry leading level of operational safety. It’s the perfect example of why our motto “Safety Without Compromise” is your assurance that Protectoseal truly is dedicated to protecting your facility and personnel, and why we continue to be the leading safety products manufacturer in the world.

McAnly not only provides our clients with tank breathing solutions, we are equipped with to assist with solution design, application and problem solving. Whether it be tank breathing, tank blanketing, emergency relief or flame and detonation arrestors. We are committed to helping our clients perform production services safely, without compromise