PRO-FLOW® – The most intelligent sizing and selection software tool in the market, from the most reputable vapor and flame control equipment manufacturer in the industry, The Protectoseal Company.

  • Pro-Flow is used by McAnly, A Mach 4 Company to design proper tank breathing equipment for each application.
  • Accurately calculates flow requirements in accordance with ISO 28300 / API 2000 (7th Edition) including Annex A, NFPA 30 and OSHA 1910.106.
  • Provides optimal sizing and selection of equipment from our comprehensive portfolio of vapor and flame control products.
  • Enhanced emergency vent sizing capability allowing for corrections for flow contribution from normal vents, adjustment for specific liquids and inclusion of environmental credits.
  • User control of all project / product data with enhanced download and export capabilities.
  • Inclusion of all new products as they are released as well as updates for software revisions – all executed automatically, seamlessly and without the necessity for user intervention