Grounding Solutions

McAnly, a Mach 4 Company, partners with Newson Gale in leading the way in static grounding solutions.

Although static electricity is generally regarded as a nuisance, in the hazardous process industries it can become an ignition source. Discharges of static electricity have been identified as the ignition source in a broad range of processes. It is as potent as sparks resulting from mechanical and electrical sources, and yet, it is often underestimated, either due to a lack of awareness of the risks it poses or because of neglect and/or complacency.

Newson Gale has been manufacturing products and solutions for all types of applications to control static in hazardous locations through partners such as McAnly, a Mach 4 Company.

We are ready to protect you from the dangers of static electricity. From Clamps and cables to the shutdown capability of the Earthrite grounding system for tanker railcars and trucks we are passionate about protecting our clients.