Commissioning Services

Commissioning of Explosion Protection System

Upon arrival, the Fike Certified Technician will perform the following duties:

  1. Verify component locations and installations per system drawing(s).
  2. Verify system wiring and wire terminations per system drawing(s).
  3. Calibrate all detection apparatus.
  4. Verify isolation valve action (if applicable).
  5. Pressurize suppressant/isolation containers (if applicable).
  6. Verify control panel functions including detection, actuation and alarm circuits.
  7. Check and approve customer interlock/annunciation functions.
  8. Install Gas Cartridge Actuators (GCA’s).
  9. Familiarize operations and maintenance personnel with system operations.
  10. Assist in determining spare parts level and storage requirements.

Prior to the Commissioning there is a Start Up checklist that will need to be gone through. We recommend a pre-visit to make sure everything will be ready for when the technician comes onsite for the actual commissioning.