Grounding Surveys

grounding surveys

Grounding Surveys We perform walk-throughs to assess the grounding strategies and propose updated strategies based on NFPA 77 where applicable.

Industrial Explosion Protection Systems Consultancy

safety inspection services McAnly Process Safety

Consultancy McAnly, a MACH 4 Company, offers both cost-effective and compliant explosion protection and prevention system. We work closely with our clients, through our knowledge and experience, can help you navigate frequently updated NFPA Recommendations and Standards to ensure that your manufacturing processes and workers are protected from the threat of a combustible dust or […]

Safety Inspections

safety inspection services McAnly Process Safety

Process Safety Inspections Additional Inspection Services We Offer Ventex Valves Inspections We can also do the 5 and 10 years rebuild Flap Valve Inspection Flame Arrestors Inspection Pressure and Vacuum Relief Vents Inspection Emergency Relief Vents Inspection

Explosion Protection

explosion prevention equipment and services cincinnati ohio

Explosion Protection Explosion Protection System Services Installation, Inspection, and Maintenance of Explosion Prevention Systems McAnly’s Team of technicians is trained and certified by Fike Corporation to provide maintenance on Fike Explosion Protection Systems. Our commitment to our customers is to maintain their systems according to NFPA 69 requirements. Provide Preventative Maintenance every quarter. Provide Commissioning […]

Commissioning Services

Commissioning Services Commissioning of Explosion Protection System Upon arrival, the Fike Certified Technician will perform the following duties: Verify component locations and installations per system drawing(s). Verify system wiring and wire terminations per system drawing(s). Calibrate all detection apparatus. Verify isolation valve action (if applicable). Pressurize suppressant/isolation containers (if applicable). Verify control panel functions including […]

NFPA Compliance Service

NFPA Compliance Service Service for Airlock Solutions: We service Rotary Airlocks to NFPA compliance guidelines. Our technicians provide the service, and we provide you with the results. We can replace the unit, or we can rebuild it. The Rebuild Process: Inspection and estimate Re-machine, coat, and line housing to original specification Rebuild headplates, weld, and […]

Preventative Maintenance

explosion prevention equipment and services cincinnati ohio

Preventative Maintenance Preventative Maintenance for Explosion Protection Systems Some of the things that our techs do when doing a Preventative Maintenance for an Explosion Protection System: Cleaning and testing of detectors. Checking of battery back-up. Testing of all system discharge circuits and assure proper firing current. Testing control panel for proper operation. Checking canisters and […]